Kölvi work

gender and culture sensitive youth work

Kölvi is a meeting place for migrant boys and young men aged 12 to 29. Based in Tampere, Kölvi offers psychosocial support and various kind of recreational activities, such as as sports, music, media, theme discussions and trips. In Kölvi one can also get support for studies, paying bills, or job search. All the activities are planned together with the boys. Through Kölvi activities the boys make new friends and gain the courage to speak and use the Finnish language. 


volunteer work and peer support in Kölvi

Vapari coordinates the volunteer-, peer and civic activities in Kölvi. Vapari recruits, trains and counsels the volunteers of Kölvi. The volunteers come from different backgrounds and are a major help and resource in Kölvi’s everyday life. Additionally, Vapari coordinates peer support group “Big Brothers”. The Kölvi Big Brothers are responsible young men who have been living in Finland for longer. They welcome the ‘new boys’ and assist the employees in their counselling tasks. Vapari also raises discussion and shares knowledge about ways to make a difference in the society. Vapari supports boys’ own projects and ideas by providing mentoring, trainings and study trips.

Valomo Coaching

improving well-being

Valomo Coaching is suitable for unemployed men with immigrant or refugee background between 18 and 29 years of age. The goal of Valomo Coaching is to improve well-being and ability to function via group and individual counseling. The duration of a group is four months and there are meetings three times a week. Valomo Coaching consists of self-knowledge improvement and various sports and activities. The group can of course influence the contents of the program. Moderate Finnish language skills are needed since the program is mostly in Finnish.

Nova project

transmitting the message of youth to parents 

The object of Nova project is to create and support dialogue in families families with refugee or immigrant background. Nova project mediates the message of young people to their parents, in order for them to be able to support their offspring even better.


Nova brought together multicultural groups of girls and boys in Tampere, and organized discussions between the youngsters. The young would consider the question: what kind of information or skills do parents need, in order to support their sons and daughters even better? With these discussions as a basis, videos transmitting the thoughts of young people to parents were produced.